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  • Launch Day Depression (And Why I'm Over It)

    - Thomas Brush

  • With a consistent six-figure annual income from various sources, I was able to make Neversong without worrying about whether it's launch day would save me from losing my studio, my home, and any credibility I had with my little growing family. Keep in mind some of these income sources are things like Kickstarter and publisher advances. I've made sure to split these up over more than several years of making Neversong. Also, please keep in mind all of these income streams started popping up after the Neversong Kickstarter campaign launched, as I realized the campaign, honestly, had not raised enough to support the game's entire development. This is just an estimation, so take it with a grain of salt: 


    Note: I can't show actual numbers here. This would disclose private information from contractual agreements that included NDAs. Regarding Kickstarter, please note the final Kickstarter campaign funds raised were actually split up to a degree among both Serenity Forge, the project publisher and development partner, and I.

    If I had not pursued publishing deals, YouTube sponsorship deals for weekly videos on my YouTube channel, a small drip of Patreon support, YouTube ad revenue, and a few small gigs as an advisor and freelancer, I would have been depending solely on the pink: Pinstripe sales. Remember, running a studio is more than just paying your rent and grocery bill. The costs slowly add up, so having reliable income streams can keep you sane.

    Fortunately, I know that if Neversong under-performs, I'll be just fine. Mainly because of reliable income streams intentionally pursued and planned. In all honesty, Apple has provided a bit of a cushion for my studio. However, I have not included those numbers in this pie-chart, because, quite frankly, it came about at the tail end of Neversong's development. Additionally, considering most dev's won't be working with Apple, I'm trying to show the various drips of income outside of Apple, and thankfully, my studio will be OK even without an Apple deal.


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