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  • 13 Free Tools To Manage Remote Development Teams

    - Christian Kasilag

  • Marketing Tools

    Tweetdeck + Mention + Discord

    Tweetdeck is a scheduler and browser tool native to Twitter. Every Sunday, we schedule tweets for each day of the upcoming week. We no longer need to actively remember to post content every day, and we have more time to focus on improving our posts and marketing instead. Crafting good posts for our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Medium accounts takes a ton of effort, so any optimization here is a win.

    Mention alerts us when the word "Hexicon" is mentioned pretty much anywhere on the Internet. We have discovered many articles, Reddit posts, and tweets over the course of our open beta which we otherwise may have missed. With this tool, we don't have to search through Google results to see who is talking about our game, and we can respond quickly in the relevant community.

    • Slack Integration: Mention posts its findings to your channel.

    With Mention's alert, I was able to respond to this Reddit comment within 15 minutes!

    We are using Discord to grow a community of our most dedicated players and awesome fans. These players post tons of useful suggestions and bug reports, help spread the word, and just have fun sharing screenshots of their big plays and achievements. If you are not working on a game and Discord seems less relevant, consider creating a different community where fans can congregate and give you direct feedback. We also use Discord for voice chat to meet and discuss Hexicon remotely, since we don't all live in the same place (though like many gamers, we ditched Skype for Discord a while ago).

    Honorable Mention: Canva is a convenient web-based content design tool with many pre-sized templates to choose from. We don't yet consistently use Canva but likely will when our marketing ramps up.

    Business Tools

    Google Drive + Wave Accounting

    Google Drive has been a straightforward solution for organizing our documents and files. There are many documents associated with starting and running a business, and it is important to save them all in a methodical way. Keep any physical copies of documents you receive, and upload a scan or photo of them to Drive. Additionally, when we need to create documents of our own, including contracts, press releases, and tax prep worksheets, Google Docs and Sheets are still the most reliable collaborative tools.

    The main folders we use for company related documents in Google Drive.

    Speaking of taxes (are you still with us?), Wave Accounting is a solid free accounting software that we have been using for about a year with no issues (apart from our lack of accounting knowledge). Even if you haven't started a business yet, it is an excellent idea to record every project-related transaction in a spreadsheet - description, date, amount. When you do form a business and import these transactions into a tool like Wave, you'll have access to nice expense and revenue reports, and peace of mind that the math checks out.


    We intend this list of tools to be a starting point for anyone working on a side project or small business, especially when limited by a tight or zero budget. While this has worked for managing the development of Hexicon, we realize this exact setup won't work for every team, remote or not. Leave a comment letting us know what you're working on and which tools your team uses! We'd love to hear from you.

    Also, if you enjoyed this article, we write other content related to development on our blog!


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