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  • From App Development To Games: The Journey To HordeCore

    - Alessandro Cossidente

    ...and how did you all meet?

    We were pretty much bound to meet, at some point! We were all living in a relatively small city, in a country whose entire video games industry can be found in a rather tight-knit community, and we happened to share a dream: starting a game development studio!

    We met after enrolling in an entrepreneurship program as two different competing companies. We quickly learned about each other's love for video games, how well our fields of expertise lined up, and how we shared the common goal of working in game development. When both teams won the entrepreneurship grant, we realized the potential of working together to pursue this dream and eventually merged our companies as Digitality Studios!

    And then it was immediately HordeCore?

    Not exactly. We created the studio with the very clear end goal of working our way into the video games industry. Being a very small team with no pre-existing financial support, however, we knew we would be facing a monumental test.

    We had to somehow reach financial stability while being able to invest our time working on our own projects. Luckily, the sheer versatility of all the skill sets we needed to make video games allowed us to tap into a myriad of commercial software development projects in other industries.

    Financial stability came "easy", but at the cost of our entire workdays. That forced us to keep developing our passion projects in our own free time. When that didn't stop us from being excited about what we were doing, we became increasingly motivated to turn into full-time game developers!

    So how was HordeCore born, exactly?

    HordeCore actually started out under a different name altogether, it used to be called "A Horde Too Many", and the project grew both in potential and outright quality over the years.

    The idea for the game predates our studio by a long shot. In the beginning, we had started working on what was very much a creative outlet that highly contrasted the work we had been doing professionally. We wanted to escape the boring loop of web development and educative content we had been commissioned at the time.

    At first, we looked at different media for inspiration. Even though we were obviously influenced by both, we've taken a much more "Zombieland" than "The Walking Dead" approach to the overall mood and aesthetic of our game. That, along with our fascination for the Fallout universe, especially the character design of Fallout Shelter, led us towards prototypes that we were very much in love with!


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