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  • How To Improve The 'About' Section On Your Game's Store Page

    - Joe Henson

  • 5. Key Features 

    Next, make a concise list of features that best show off your game. Remember, features are features for a reason. If you have a massive list of them, then they stop being features. This list must be easy to read and contain creative copy. What parts of your game stand out? Try to make it sound intriguing; each word should have a desired effect. Here are some key features I whipped up for my fictional Sword of Vengeance game:

    "Find out why you fell from Heaven in a 1-4 player co-op as you fight your way through hordes of soulless creatures. Unravel puzzles and search for clues. Perhaps Dagan isn't the primary threat?"

    "Players can choose between one of the four Swords of Vengeance, an ancient weapon equipped with dense skill trees, attributes, and attack combinations."

    "Fight dozens of monstrous and terrifying beasts armed with demonic artefacts and unholy relics. They will stop at nothing to destroy your soul. Find their weakness before they expose yours."

    "Free captured Angels who have been trapped in Dagan's hell for centuries. They want nothing but vengeance, and their unique skills are yours to command."

    6. Call to Community

    Please note: If you're creating a Steam store page from scratch, make sure to upload your Discord Image (external link) after your Steam page is approved. Otherwise, it may get flagged. If you don't wish to add an image like this, that's completely fine. The following advice describes how to get the most out of it should you decide to include one.

    This is where you'll add your Call to Action, but I like to think of it as Call to Community. I recommend creating a Discord button because it gives interested players a chance to ask either you or your fanbase questions in real time. Should they join, they'll be able to tell how active your server is. Putting in the effort to interact with your players shows that you care and listen to your fans. Overall, Discord is a fantastic platform to champion your community.

    As for tips concerning the image itself:

    • Make it a clickable link. Think about it - why should someone have to leave your store page and scour the web to find your game's Discord? That's not practical.

    • Always include this text within your design: "Click Here to Join." Seriously, if you don't make it obvious that people can join with a single click, many of them won't even bother trying and you'll potentially lose out on lots of new members.

    7. Conclusion

    To show you what the end result of everything I've discussed can look like, I've created a mock-up for the "Sword of Vengeance" About This Game section. In terms of content placement, your content doesn't have to be structured the way mine is. For example, you might prefer placing your GIF at the very top and the overview just underneath. Or maybe you want to show off multiple GIFs instead of one. Be as creative as you want and tailor it to your audience; you get the idea.


    Next time you're browsing through Steam's endless catalogue of games, have a look at how developers design their About This Game section and ask yourself: "Could this be structured better? Is it telling me everything I want to know in a creative way?" I'm not saying my way is the deciding factor that will determine whether your game sells well or not. Many Steam store pages out there have different concepts and have sold thousands of copies. What I am saying is that your About This Game section might have room for improvement, and if you think it does ... what are you waiting for? It's time to clean up your Steam store page!

    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a tweet.



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