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  • Optimizing Human: Fall Flat For Mobile Devices

    - Peter de Jong
  • Optimizing lighting

    We didn't want the visual appeal of the game to suffer noticeably with the change from desktops to mobile phones. However, changes needed to be made to certain aspects of the visuals to let the tiny computers keep up. A very performance-intensive issue we needed to tackle first was lighting. Lighting is what breathes life into a scene, but doing so during runtime is also one of the most taxing processes.

    Dynamic lighting will process all the sources of light in a level and display their effect on their surrounding every frame. This results in lights blending together, combining colors, and making shadows warp perspective as you make your way past different scenes in the level.

    Sadly, this was just too demanding for the poor phones. We tried to approach the lighting found in the original PC version of the game, by baking most of the lights onto the geometry. This means that those light sources calculate their purpose during the build process of the game, rather than during gameplay, which then gets saved into the level. Playing through the level you will still see all the lights cast their shadows on the level geometry itself, but the moveable objects such as player characters and other interactable objects cast a more simplistic, directional shadow.

    Dynamic lighting

    Besides lighting we also applied slightly more restrictive LODs on many objects. LOD is the abbreviation of ‘Levels Of Detail', they are used to simplify the quality of an object's visuals when the camera gets far away. This is incredibly helpful in reducing the power it takes to render complex objects. A beautiful mine cart should obviously look like mine cart up close, but when its size on the screen isn't bigger than the head of a pin, we can simply represent it with a gray box instead. You won't even notice the difference.


    We're proud of this product we're delivering. With every new, increasingly complex level that gets added to the mobile version of Human: Fall Flat, we keep facing new challenges we must conquer in order to give the players a smooth experience. We love it, and we hope you can get the most enjoyment out of all of the released and upcoming additions to the game.

    Would you like to stay up to date and follow our development updates, please check out Codeglue on your platform of choice!

    Bye Bye!


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