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  • The Logo Design Process: Basic Steps

    - Massih Naisan

  • When you have a decent enough logo (polished and at least 90% finished), make some mock-ups, like a business card or perhaps a pin. Take a screenshot from Steam and's main pages and place your logo/capsule art amongst everything else. Does it stand out? Is the logo clearly visible against both light and dark backgrounds? Is your symbol readable as a Twitter profile picture? If you have not decided on a final logo yet, the mock-ups will most likely help you with that decision.

    What do the colors and shapes say about the game?

    Tweak, after some more rest. It's important to distance yourself from the work from time to time. If you can, get feedback, then tweak if needed. Some things to think about when designing and using the logo:

    - Formats and sizes. I try to work as much as possible with vector art or in 3D, as the logo will then be scalable without becoming blurry. If you're working in a painting software like Photoshop, make sure to set the resolution to at least 4K.
    - You should be working in RGB (Red Green Blue) color space to not limit your available colors. Be aware that very vibrant colors will not print as seen on screen, because they will be printed in CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key/Black).
    - Be consistent when utilizing the logo. Don't rotate or skew it. Always scale the logo proportionally!
    - Let the logo "breathe", which means that you should be generous with margins. Otherwise the design might feel cramped. Also make sure that there is enough contrast so that the logo is clearly visible against the background. A good idea is to make both a black and white version of the logo as a "back-up" for when the primary isn't clearly readable and therefore can't be used.
    - Use the logo on everything you share publicly and be consistent with placement. The logo should be present, but it shouldn't take focus away from whatever it is you are showing off - unless it is the logo itself.

    Hey, it's not rocket science! Congrats, you now (hopefully) have a nicely designed game logo that you can be proud of! If not, well, you could always hire someone :)

    Maybe it actually is rocket science...

    Join our discord, share your work, get feedback and talk about games. We'd love to see you there! You can find out more about our game project over at and sign up for our newsletter.

    If you have any questions for me, helpful tips or perhaps examples of nice game logos, please share them in the comments.

    Book Recommendations

    Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits, by Debbie Millman
    Logo Design Love, by David Airey ← A lot of useful info on his website
    Thinking With Type, by Ellen Lupton
    Interaction of Color, by Josef Albers
    Picture This: How Pictures Work, by Molly Bang


    The Vignelli Canon (free PDF-file), by Massimo Vignelli
    How to make a Steam page (free course), by Chris Zukowski ← Check out his blog as well!
    Marks of Excellence, by Per Mollerup
    Thoughts on Design, by Paul Rand

    Color Palette by "TheArtisan"


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