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  • The Logo Design Process: Basic Steps

    - Massih Naisan

  • Explore ideas. Don't get stuck on any one particular idea at first, even if you have come up with a really good one. You could start sketching right away if you want, but I find mind-mapping to be a very useful tool to start off with. Mind-mapping helps you brainstorm ideas and structure these visually.

    You could also do other "word association" exercises. Find the best methods that work for you. Google will help you with this.

    Rest! Sleep on it and let your unconscious mind process the information. Do something else and return well rested. I find that working intensely and then taking a longer break can work really well for your creativity muscles.

    take breaks
    Don't forget to take breaks!

    Sketch. I prefer to sketch with pen on paper simply because that is the quickest way for me to get my ideas out. No clunky software to worry about. You might sketch digitally though, and that is perfectly fine. I would urge you not to use any colors at this stage. The shape, or silhouette, is more important. Nail that first, then worry about color.

    Sketch a lot and sketch fast! The point is to get many different ideas out as fast as possible. Your initial ideas are likely what most people will first think of, so don't get too hung up on those. For me, sketching is a way of thinking with my hand. It's first when you put "pen on paper" that you will notice if your idea really works. When you have produced some solid sketches, pick the best ones. I usually settle for one or two designs.

    - Keep the shapes of your symbol simple. This is especially important since it needs to be readable in very small formats.
    - Your game name is enough though for a logo, you don't necessarily need to have a symbol as well.
    - Go with one strong idea instead of several. Your logo can't say everything.
    - Ask someone for feedback!
    - Squint. Is the shape still readable?
    - Flip it to get a fresh perspective on the design (use a mirror if sketching with pen on paper).
    - Scale the logo down and enlarge it as well. Does it still hold up?

    Create mockups. When the shape is decided upon, it's time to focus more on color. Color is a tough subject. I recommend researching your specific genre and other games like your own. How are they using color and what colors are common within your genre? Do you want to stick out or blend in? Maybe the colors in your game logo can relate to the overall color scheme and theme of your game?

    - Keep it simple. A few colors are harder to mess up and it makes the logo more memorable. If I say red and yellow, what company comes to mind?


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