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  • Master's Thesis: Big Game: Formalizing Test Methods for Computer Game Concepts

    - Stein Llanos and Anders Højsted



    This Master's thesis examines whether it is possible to test computer game concepts with quick and cheap analog tests and develop a standartized series of analog tests for AAA-computer game concepts for use by game designers during the earliest concept-phase of game development.

    This thesis is based on empirical as well as theoretical studies. The first empirical part of the thesis is grounded in interviews with 5 different game designers concerning their concept-documentation and the game development process. We developed a series of analog tests for computer game concepts based on these interviews and theoretical game studies, using techniques such as pen and paper roleplaying games, Lego-mockups of level design & stress test of concept art. These tests were compiled in a Test Catalogue which functions as a manual for the tests. The second empirical study was an comparative analysis of the analog tests of the design document for Surreal Studio’s game The Suffering and a series of playtests of The Suffering with subsequent interviews of the playtesters. The comparative analysis of these two empirical studies revealed that the tests were capable of predicting the conceptuel problems in the finished game purely by testing the design document.


    "Big Game: Formalizing Test Methods for Computer Game Concepts" by Anders Højsted and Stein Llanos, IT-University of Copenhagen, 161 pages, Adobe Acrobat (4k KB).

    Analog Test Catalog for game designers, Adobe Acrobat (337 KB).


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