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  • Master's Thesis: Beyond Point A: Game Environments as Psycho-Symbolic Allegory

    - Celeste Masinter




    Game worlds dazzle the senses and capture the imagination. When the metaphoric and symbolic powers of spaces and structure are tapped, they can also function as virtual manifestations of the private, psychological “worlds” of characters, or as intimate comments on character relationships, becoming allegory. Ultimately, the psycho-symbolic potential of game terrain provides more ways for game designers to communicate with the player about the hero or villain, and undermines classic opposition scenarios by shifting the emphasis from competition to mutual self-discovery. When the hero and the villain are described by entire game levels and game levels become character manifestations in their own right, games flower into multi-layered and transformative experiences.

    "Beyond Point A: Game Environments as Psycho-Symbolic Allegory" by Celeste Masinter, Master's Thesis, Savannah College of Art and Design, 66 pages, Adobe Acrobat (5 MB).


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