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  • Brain Wave Games 4Learning

    - Paras Kaul

  •  In the Realm of the Physical Senses

    Accepting the challenge of brain wave gaming requires one to acquire new gaming skills, such as developing coherent, focused attention. Regular practice in the neurological gaming environment enables remote viewing to develop as a skill that manifests from this type of brain exercise. This skill is hyper-dimensional and can be mastered. Mastery enables one to fast forward into the future, activating basic principles of time travel. The goal achieved is an extraordinary visionary experience that gives one insight to events in the future and in remote locations. This knowledge is extremely valuable for problem solving, such as deterring the long-term ramifications of present acts leading to global warming.

    Training for this type of perceptual evolution has been underway by the military and also by the Monroe Institute, among other institutions involved in this type of research. See the book Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul. [F. Holmes Atwater, 2006] Developing heightened perceptual awareness within a digital gaming environment is an effortless learning experience that increases brainpower and enables one to lower brain wave frequencies and amplitudes for sustained periods of time. This activity is excellent for developing precognitive abilities. Brain games 4learning expand one’s ability to receive energy from the cosmos, which enhances perception and possibly alters events remotely by brain waves.


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