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  • Brain Wave Games 4Learning

    - Paras Kaul

  •  Brain Switches

    Brain wave switches are used to isolate specific parameters of brain wave frequencies, amplitudes, and coherence values in box like structures created by the game designer. Switches are activated when neural signaling associated with frequency, amplitude, and coherence data peaks within the parameter values defined by a single box. Each box is associated with a brain switch. If the peak values fall within the values defined in the switch box, the activity assigned to the switch is activated. Switches are used to animate objects and to mix audio.

    Brain switches are designed by defining boundaries that form
    boxes. When brain wave activity peaks within a box, the
    switch assigned to the box makes something happen.

    Brain games utilize a skill referred to as brain wave switching. Using the brain switch technology, gamers learn to consciously switch neural signaling from one frequency domain to another and also to raise and lower peak values of wave amplitudes. The process is measured by EEG and analyzed from bio and psychic feedback. Neurological games have brain switches that facilitate switching between gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta frequency domains and between high and low amplitude signals. Disciplined practice enables one to more easily peak in the delta domain and therefore focus attention in low delta frequencies. Sustained focus that harmonizes brain waves in the delta frequency domain, with low waveform amplitudes facilitates the capabilities of remote viewing, nonverbal communication, and self-healing. These are human abilities that are not addressed in traditional educational environments, which abilities may prove to be valuable for problem solving in the future.


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