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  • Brain Wave Games 4Learning

    - Paras Kaul

  •  Brain Wave Audio Mixing

    The crop circle game also uses audio to enhance the learning experience in the environment. Several sound tracks were created for the game, one of which is a voice over that provides information about the crop circle that was formed near Stonehenge, England in 1996. Brain wave switches are assigned to mix individual audio tracks in Apple's GarageBand application. Any sound application that includes the Audio Unit Lab (AU Lab) application can be used with an IBVA4 plug-in that facilitates interaction with the IBVA4 software and the sound application. In the crop circle game, switches are set to control the audio gain of each track of a music composition that includes tracks of brain wave music and alien sound effects. Switches can also be set to control filtering for the audio tracks.

    Brain wave data assigned to switches operates mixing controls in the AU Lab application.

    New Concepts | New Software | New Hardware

    Neurological gaming is about utilizing a brain wave interface to the computer 4learning. Brain wave games have the potential to transform the planet by providing learning tools that can redesign the future. The hardware and software clearly exist to support the development of intelligent games. Rather than aggressively attempting to do physical harm, or to compete with a virtual identity through masterful eye and hand coordination, the goal of brain gaming is to use brainpower to effect deliberate changes in the gaming environment. These games use brain wave switches assigned to neural data to control animation and to mix sound. It is necessary to develop innate human skills in order to program for the future, as once again the times need to be changing. Capabilities that are enlivened via brain wave gaming are powerful manifestations of human brainpower and need to be used to regulate environmental changes and peaceful coexistence in the world.


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