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  • Brain Wave Games 4Learning

    - Paras Kaul

  • Reference

    Atwater, F. Holmes, Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., 2001.


    Images related to IBVA4 were created by Masahiro Kahata, President, Psychic Lab, Inc.

    To acquire IBVA4, email:
    [email protected]
    Psychic Lab, Inc.
    New York, NY, USA

    Bluetooth IBVA4 2 channel and coherence system:
    • Bluetooth interface.
    • High quality state of the art amplifier board
    • Dynamic range
    • 120 Hz to 1920 Hz programmable sampling rate.
    • 12 Hz to 900 Hz programmable high cut filter, no AC cut notch filter


    Kaul, "That Brain Wave Chick,” is a neural multimedia artist, researcher,
    and music composer using a brain wave interface to the computer to create
    multimedia performances. As George
    Director of Web Communications, Kaul is also a member of the university's web
    team and technology council. In 1992, she began working with the IBVA brain
    wave interface to the computer. Currently, Kaul furthers her
    compositional development by working with music composer, Steve Antosca, while
    also working closely with Masahiro Kahata, programmer and developer of the
    IBVA4 brain wave interface system. Her multimedia performances are designed to
    call attention to brain matters, and she seeks to introduce neurological
    learning and healing tools into educational programs.


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