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  • Student Thesis: Gameplay Video Segmentation Method

    - Sandra Neubauer


    For effective computer games research, tools are needed that can be applied to games of different genre and style. This thesis describes the 'Gameplay Video Segmentation Method', which uses the video editing program Adobe Premiere for the segmentation and hierarchical organization of gameplay elements. The segmentation method was applied to five contrasting games which lead to a detailed description of how to properly use the method. Based on the data gained from these segmentations, five sample analyses that explored different research questions were conducted. These analyses showed that the gameplay video segmentation method is a powerful basis for various research approaches, as it is genre-independent and creates objective time-based data. The method makes it possible to compare contrasting games and provides good insight to the structure and core mechanisms of games. The possible applications of the method are numerous and it can be of great benefit for researchers and for game designers.

    "The Gameplay Video Segmentation Method" by Sandra Neubauer, Stuttgart Media University, 87 pages, Adobe Acrobat (179 KB).


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