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  • Curriculum and the Dream Paradigm

    - Stephen Schafer

     Hagalaz is the framework of the world, the pattern upon which the multi-verse is fitted out by the triadic root of consciousness-Ódhinn-Vili-V.  The H-rune contains the complete model of absolute potential energy, as it holds the full dynamism of fire and ice in its form.  From this harmonious balance of all-potential, an internal evolution can take place within its space.

    Numerical symbolism is very important for hagalaz.  Nine is the number of completion, fruition, and dynamic wholeness in the Germanic system.  All of this comes together in : H : (9).  Nine is the number of worlds in the branches and roots of the World-Tree, Yggdrasill, which is the innate pattern present in both the seed and the full grown tree.

    The H-rune is the pattern of completion implicit in the seed of every evolving or growing thing.  As the whole yew is contained in a hidden genetic code in the berry, so too is the completed, transformed cosmos held in the world-seed.  Hagalaz is the code-the pattern of becoming and completion.  This is the hidden form of perfection toward which all conscious shaping (creation) is directed...This is ultimately a multi-dimensional model," (Thorrson, 1987, p 121).

    Like the Norse rune for the mother, the symbol of the circle and the cross holds the full potential of fire and ice (duality and form) and constitutes the seed form of human reality encoded with the dynamism of symbolic language-the word, the medium.

    Directly related to the concept underlying the symbol of hagalaz (geometry of the sphere) is the use of the O+ in the study of myth.  The symbol is used universally to symbolize the journey of the sun through the heavens.  The symbol is associated with the mythical Sun Gods because, symbolically, they travel the same path as the sun.  It is the selfsame symbol basic to the astrological charts which are used by modern astrologers, and the symbol still expresses the same basic worldview based on symbolism and geometry.  Joseph Campbell named this mythic pattern the Journey of the Hero.


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