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  • Entering Art School

    - Samuel Crowe

  •  Private Art School

    Take all the information above about the university and double the price of tuition.

    Most private schools are more focused in specific areas of art.

    You may find that some private art schools do not offer the same amount of financial aid as the Universities.

    Private Schools are usually smaller in class size and do not have tenure for faculty. Non Tenured faculty means fresh instructors are brought in at least every two years. This is good in the fact that you are more likely to be instructed by people who currently hold jobs in the industry you are interested in. This is also bad in that you do not benefit from an experienced instructor who, through years of experienced teaching and experimenting, can offer you other ways of thinking and working that may not be available from the more ridged guidelines of the professional workplace.

    Prices for some private schools range in the $10,000 to $45,000 per year area. Private schools usually only offer a two year associates or bachelor's degree. In some cases you may find that you are taking double the credit hours per semester or quarter in order to get a bachelor's degree.

    Financial aid is available and in some cases is equal to what is offered to University students.

    Types of degrees available to you at a private school:

    • BA
    • AFA
    • Certificate
    • Please note that some private schools may have their own type of degree, but very few offer the ability to obtain a Masters degree.

    Internet Based Schooling

    As stated earlier, many universities offer their classes to you through "distance learning" or internet based class rooms. Please check with each school to find out their hardware and software requirements.

    Personally, I have yet to find an internet based learning program that offers anything other than a certificate in art.

    Many of the internet based classes are capped at a specific amount of students so the instructor can spend time communicating with the students. You will also find that not all of the courses required to earn a degree are available to you through online schooling. If you decide that you want to take online courses, make sure that you are able to transfer those credited hours to another university if you intend on gaining a full degree.

    Prices vary for these types of classes. If it is university based, you can expect to pay normal tuition and registration fees. If the class is workshop based, you will see prices in the range of $200 to $600 range.

    Like any class, attendance is crucial as is completion of work. Many internet based programs will only meet once a week or once every two weeks. During that time, you are expected to complete all the work that was given and be active during discussions and critiques.

    Depending on the type of internet class you are enrolled in, some financial aid maybe available to you, but it will be limited.

    Types of degrees offered:

    • Certificate
    • Credits earned towards a degree. Check with the school to make sure credits are transferable.

    Atelier (Workshop)

    You will find that Ateliers or workshops are very specific in what they teach. If you are looking to gain a specific set of skills and concentrate on those skills this is the place for you. Classes are small so the instructor can work one on one with the students. You will be spending most of your time practicing your skills as an artist and less time doing research or writing documents. These types of schools require a great deal of personal time and effort in order to achieve the high goals that are set.

    There is very limited financial aid available to students who wish to go this route.

    I do not know of any Atelier that offer degrees, most offer a certificate after successfully completing courses.

    Classes are usually taught by industry professionals and working artists. You are guaranteed professional advice and work methods. You can expect your artwork to look exactly like or very close to that of the person teaching the class. In most cases very little freedom is given to developing your own style while attending classes. You may find that some of the advanced classes offer more freedom, but you need to show you have successfully completed the basic courses.

    Prices range in the $300 to $1500 range per class.

    Degrees offered:

    • Certificate


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