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  • On Game Design: A History of Video Games

    - Jason Weesner
  • Reference List


    • The Escapist Magazine has a nice interview with FASA founder Jordan Weisman. Not to namedrop, but I briefly worked on one of the doomed Xbox A.I. titles with Jordan and he's 100% accurate when he says that "it was not a movie that anybody was going to walk out of saying 'Gosh, now we get to play the game.'
    • "Triumph Of the Nerds": this fascinating PBS series covers the start of the home computer industry.
    • The Apple 2 History web pages provide a comprehensive rundown of the Apple computer series as well as noteworthy software.
    • The Classic Gaming Museum is a great resource for game and console reference.
    • Nintendoland is a fantastic website covering a lot of interesting Nintendo history.
    • Ralph Baer's personal website has a lot of nice, historical reference material.
    • Steve Jackson games has an in-depth history of the company as well as online versions of some of their more popular titles.


    • "Videogames: In the Beginning" by Ralph H. Baer: a fascinating look at the dawn of the video game industry from the father of video games. One of the coolest things about this book are the tons of Mr. Baer's original technical and design notes appearing in their original form!
    • "Phoenix: the Fall and Rise Of Video Games" by Leonard Herman: a more extensive history of the video game industry.
    • "The Ultimate History Of Video Games" by Steven L. Kent: Mr. Kent is one of the foremost authorities on video game history.
    • "Game Over" by David Sheff: a great companion piece to both Phoenix and the Ultimate History Of Video Games. Check out an interview with David Sheff.
    • "Arcade Fever" by John Sellers: a wonderful picture filled journey through recent arcade game history.
    • "1000 Game Heroes" edited by David Choquet: a massive compendium of past and present video game characters from the home consoles and arcades. Taschen Books publishes a staggering amount of great design reference.


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