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  • What Game Companies Want From Graduates

    - Alistair Wallis

  •  Individual Company Requirements

    Currently for EA, the majority of "open positions for new graduates are software engineering and technical artist roles," though "both require substantial programming abilities." EA are not looking for any particular kind of specializing in an engineer, though, with McCreary commenting that "all engineers are in high demand."

    "My perception of these openings is that we need great engineers who can unlock the creative opportunity offered by the next generation consoles to create even more exciting gameplay experiences," she says.

    Insomniac is also currently in need of programmers. "That seems to be the area where we are always looking," states Baker. "I think that a solid programmer is always going to be a tough find. Sure - engine programmers are hard, but so are good gameplay programmers."

    Baker also emphasizes the fact that the industry still requires many more people of all specialties, describing the problem as one every company is facing: "a finite number of people with skills and talent, in a growing industry."

    "No matter what the project size or scope, be it downloadable games or full blown AAA titles, finding talent is always going to be the most important element," she says. "I think that with AAA games requiring larger teams to create titles - it just takes more manpower on the back side."

    Lese agrees, noting that "with the new platforms and all the competition, most companies are vying for the same talent." Currently, THQ are looking for programmers as well, though Lese points out that "it depends on the development cycle of the studio at the time." THQ currently have 16 studios under their name, which means that "needs are all interchangeable," and the company are often "looking for all types of positions at different times."

    As with EA and Insomniac, THQ favor flexibility in programmers. "We really look for generalists," Lese says, "all around programmers to be able to jump in where they're needed. At all levels - again, flexibility is the key. THQ's studios develop on multiple platforms simultaneously. It's our feeling that this really enables a programmer to gain experience across the board and to keep their programming skills sharp."


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