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  • On Game Design: The Designer

    - Jason Weesner

  • Reference List


    Computer and Videogames has a nice interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi -

    You can also look at Tetsuya's sporadically updated blog over at 1-UP -

    Howard Scott Warshaw has a personal page along with a place to buy his cool documentary on Atari: Once Upon Atari -

    The Concept Art website has some nice featured artists' work as well as extensive forums with work in progress from a variety of artists -

    The Drawing Board is another great website for artists at all skill levels who are ready to present their work to the world and get all sorts of feedback -

    Game Dev is a website that has a variety of articles on game design documentation -

    The Miyamoto Shrine has a wealth of information on Shigeru Miyamoto's games including a substantial collection of interviews -

    1-UP has a nice interview with the creators of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus -


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