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  • For the Love of All Games: How Catherine Herdlick Broke Into the Industry

    - Jill Duffy
  • Catherine Herdlick's Game Credits

    Games credited with Gamelab
     Egg vs. Chicken, PC casual published by PlayFirst
    Shopmania, a PC casual game published by iWin
    Subway Scramble, PC downloadable casual title published by PlayFirst
    Worldbuilder 2, an online game and sequel to WorldBuilder for LEGO
    Ayiti: The Cost of Life, an online game developed in cooperation with Global Kids and South Shore High School in Canarsie, Brooklyn
    Out of Your Mind, PC casual created in collaboration with Curious Pictures
    Downbeat, published by VH1 Games
    Gangs of GDC

    Other games and projects
     Lawn Games for Life (ARG), Game Designer
    Come Out & Play (Festival), Co-Founder and Volunteer Coordinator
    Bike Friendly City (Street Game), Game Designer
    Cripplebush Ghost Tour (Interactive Walking Tour), Experience Designer
    Case of the Coveted Bottle (ARG), Game Designer
    Cirque This! (Circus), Performer


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