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  • The Game Industry Salary Survey 2007

    - Jill Duffy

    Average salary for three or fewer years experience: $52,885 or $44,167 (see explanation in text)
    Average salary across all experience levels: $77,131

    The production department has seen an interesting trend over the last three to four years, one that I'm going to guess is the result of needing more producers but not wanting to pay them astronomical salaries. The trend is that more and more producers are less and less experienced, which is a boon to young game industry hopefuls.

    In 2004 (reporting incomes from 2003), Game Developer found 61% of producers had 6 or more years experience, compared to 49% last year and this year. And in 2004 a mere 13% of producers had fewer than 3 years' experience, compared to 18% last year and 34% this year. Hiring lesser experienced producers, either as assistants or project leads, may be what caused the overall average salary of producers to drop by just over $3,000 since last year.

    The job titles assistant and associate producer are becoming more and more prevalent-so much so that the survey compiled an average salary for those specific titles: $44,167. This figure is probably closer to what an entry-level producer can expect to earn when first coming into the industry than the $52,885 cited above.

    Whatever the title, one of the benefits of working in the production department is that the gender imbalance isn't nearly as severe as it is in the other major disciplines.


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