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  • The Game Industry Salary Survey 2007

    - Jill Duffy

  • Additional Information

     Percent of developers in the survey, by discipline, with 3 years or fewer experience:
    Visual Arts: 32%
    Programmer: 33%
    Game Design: 32%
    Audio: 25%
    Production: 34%
    Q/A: 33%

    What this tells us: With the exception of audio, the survey saw an even cross section of less experienced respondents in each discipline.

    Survey Methodology
    With the help of research firm Audience Insights, Game Developer sent email invitations to its magazine subscribers, Game Developers Conference 2006 attendees, and members in January 2007, inviting them to participate in our annual salary survey.

    Although well over 5,600 unique responses were received worldwide, not all who participated in this survey provided sufficient compensation information to be included in the findings. Also excluded were cases in which the compensation was given at less than $10,000 USD, and the highest salary range was limited to $202,500 USD to prevent a limited number of outliers from distorting the true central tendency of the computed average salaries in each category. The survey further excludes records that were missing key demographic and classification information.

    The total sample reflected in the data presented for the U.S. is 3,130. The sample represented in our salary survey can be projected to the overall game developer community with a margin of error, for the aggregate U.S. statistics, of plus or minus 1.7% at the 95% confidence level. The margin of error increases for specific subgroups reported within this community.

    Enhanced versions of this article originally appeared in Game Developer's Game Career Guide, Fall 2007 magazine and the April 2007 issue of Game Developer magazine.


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