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  • The Game Industry Salary Survey 2007

    - Jill Duffy

  • Art & Animation
    Average salary for three or fewer years experience: $42,672
    Average salary Across all experience levels: $65,107

    The pay for artists and animators isn't top dollar in the beginning, but it's decent. In fact, it's a head above decent-it's downright respectable.

    The nearly $43,000 a year or so artists can expect to earn isn't sound so bad, especially in states with a medium to low cost of living; plus the job affords creativity-a rare perk.

    Entry-level game artists needn't get too caught up in which software package is best either. Learn at least one of the two major packages (3ds Max and Maya) thoroughly, noodle with a few others if you can, and be ready to adapt on the job.


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