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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: One Button

    - staff

  • Evgueni Dozov, ENJMIN, The Graduate School of Games and Interactive Media, France
    Inertia & Recoil

    Inertia & Recoil is a multiplayer-oriented FPS using only one button. The players fight in level arenas where their unique means of moving is firing their gun in the opposite direction. The physics of the game are somewhat biased, and the weapon's recoil is exaggerated to allow fast movement.

    Game mechanics
    Controls. The game is entirely controlled with the left mouse button. A button press initiates the rotation of the character in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The button release fires a single round in the exact direction you are facing at that moment, sending the character backwards through recoil.

    Maneuvering. The direction of rotation depends on the previous shots: odd-numbered shots make you turn clockwise, even-numbered shots turn anti-clockwise. Once that aspect is mastered, a player can use it to move in a snake-like pattern.

    Goals and rewards. The goal of the game is to kill the other players. To help you on your way, different bonuses are located in the level, granting you extra recoil, extra turn speed, etc. In addition, every player killed drops a bonus as well. But can you make that u-turn fast enough to get there before the others?

    Single-player version. The game proposes a single player mode, where the player can get familiar with the controls. This mode uses a puzzle approach to teach different aspects of the game - maneuvering between obstacles, accelerating through repeated shots, scouting an area before moving there...

    Platform and Audience

    Inertia & Recoil is a PC game played online. It can be adapted to any other platform, as long as it has at least one button on its associated controller.

    Due to the limited control scheme, the game isn't targeted at usual FPS players, but rather at casual players looking for a fun and tactical game experience with friends.

    Unique Fun Points
    Simple controls, countless possibilities. The combination of shooting and moving allows you to accomplish many things with a single action. But it also has drawbacks -- dodge quickly or aim well? Your choice matters!

    Tension. With every shot, you're thrust towards the unknown. The FPS view never lets you know for sure what it is you're getting into!


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