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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: One Button

    - staff

  • Connor Hogan, Death Crane
    And evil government has taken over your country. You are part of a resistance movement. You finally have your chance to strike back, as a weeklong magnetic storm strikes the planet.

    All radar and communications are down. You and your resistance buddies plan to take advantage of this and strike a blow into the heart of the evil empire. You have a Death Train. The only weapon your Death Train possesses is a Death Crane.

    The magnetic storm prevents the enemy from using airplanes and artillery to bomb the train (and they don't want to destroy the tracks, as they use them, so they won't plant mines), and they can't radio others to warn them of the incoming Death Train. You must make your way to the enemy's evil fortress, laying waste to helicopters, tanks, and other over-the-top mecha (think games like Raiden), enemy trains, and cities, while riding on complex, convoluted, over-the-top roller coaster-inspired railroad tracks.

    The Game Mechanic
    You control the Death Crane from a first-person perspective. You spend most of your time throwing things, but first, you must pick something up. Your resistance buddies have brought a bunch of stuff to throw on the train. The Death Crane will position itself over the item to be picked up, but the Death Claw will swing around. You must hit your single button with expert timing to drop it down and grab the item you will throw.

    After you have grabbed and item, the Death Crane will start to spin (the camera will shift slightly, giving you a better perspective). You must hit your single button with expert timing to release the Death Claw and throw the item at your intend target. If you wait too long, the momentum of the swinging object will become too great and the Death Train will tip over.

    After throwing an item, you have to grab another item to throw. There are also bonus levels in which the Death Crane has a traditional wrecking ball. The Death Crane will spin counter-clockwise automatically, and when the single button is pressed, it will spin clockwise.

    The Platform
    The PC is an obvious choice, but it could likely be ported to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, enabling the wonton destruction to take place on large HD TVs.

    Target Audience
    The target audience is anyone who thinks a wrecking ball-touting crane ridding a train through a city, or a crane throwing cars, rocks, wrecking balls, and anything else it can lift off the back of a train into giant robots, helicopters, tanks, other Death Trains, and general over-the-top military machines is cool. In short: everyone.

    Why the Game Will be Addictively Fun
    My game will be addictively fun because it is not a defined game dumbed-down for an audience capable of only hitting one button, but would attract all types of gamers. Also, it involves a fun mechanic, and destroying things.


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