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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: One Button

    - staff

  • Jimmy Chang, civil engineer, Northwestern University, Death Puppet
    A team shooter at its core, players are put in control of a death-dealing puppet, with the catch being that each player controls one of the puppet's actions independent of the other players. Thus, one player may be tasked with firing the puppet's gun, while another is responsible for moving the puppet forward.

    Platform and audience: PC or Xbox Live; for people who don't take FPSs all that seriously.

    Game Mechanic
    The game's multiplayer component is absolutely integral to its appeal and must be played online. Players group in teams of one or more, for a maximum of nine players on each team. In order of decreasing importance, the actions that a player can be assigned to are:

    • shooting
    • moving forward/backward
    • turning left/right
    • aiming up/down
    • strafing left/right

    In the event a slot cannot be filled by a human player, the computer will automatically control that component of the puppet. Additionally, each of the starred actions can be assigned to a single player; for example, holding the button will move the puppet forward until the player presses the button twice in quick succession, whereupon holding the button will move the puppet backward thereafter. Except for shooting, actions can be split into two separate actions to accommodate each additional player over five.

    Why It's Awesome
    It's a casual social shooter where you're fighting against your opponents just as much as you're struggling to coordinate the puppet with your team. Spastic, drunken puppetry ensues.


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