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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: One Button

    - staff

  • Honorable Mention
    Mark Sivak, graduate student at Northeastern University, Point and Shoot Nature Photography
    The player is a nature photographer who specializes in natural disasters (tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.). The player and his or her crew (AI controlled) travel around the world. The crew drives, and the player shoots pictures and movies.

    The Game Mechanic
    This would basically be a rail shooter from a game mechanics standpoint. The player can choose the path in which the crew drives [using single click (yes) or double click (no) responses to questions] and then uses the single button to shoot photos and record short videos.

    Choosing the right path gives better possible shots, and better shots earn more money. The player can use the money to upgrade his or her camera so that it is more stable, has better focus, and better range. Favorite photos can be placed online to be judged in a weekly contest for the best photo. Also, there is an achievement system for getting action shots or shots of certain natural disasters.

    This game has a very simple control scheme and it is a photography game so graphics should be the focus when choosing a platform. Playing it on a TV by using a console or even the TV remote is the best platform choice.

    Target Audience
    The game is non-violent and would appeal to a wide audience. Because the game is played on a TV the whole family could get involved by helping to choose paths and taking turns using the camera.

    Why It's Addictively Fun
    The player has the ability to plan the route beforehand and makes changes to it on the fly, giving the idea of control even with a single button input. Enabling the player to post his or her best and favorite photos and movies online gives the game a collection and competition aspect that many players love. Also, the excitement of being in the middle of a natural disaster would be great on larger TVs with great sound.


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