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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Spoken Word

    - Jill Duffy

  • John Pile Jr., MSc student in Computer Games Technology at University of Abertay Dundee, Revolving Rhymes
    Start with any word.

    Players take turns coming up with two additional words. The second word must rhyme with the previous, and the third must start with the same letter as the second. Make it harder by not allowing any new word to repeat the rhyme of a previous.

    For example, if the starting word is "house":

    Player1: house, mouse, man
    Player2: man, tan, tall
    Player3: tall, fall, fat
    Player1: fat, hat, hand
    Player2: hand, band, ball ... (failed third word if playing the ‘hard rules' because hall rhymes with the earlier ‘tall/fall')

    Variant. Instead of the third word starting with the same letter as the second, the third word must be commonly associated with the second (conjunctions count). The validity of the association is up to the other players.

    For example:

    Player1: house, mouse -- trap
    Player2: trap, map, route
    Player3: route, stout, beer
    Player1: beer, tear -- jerker
    Player2: jerker, berserker, ...???...
    Play testing has demonstrated the difficulty lies in that your mind seems to get into ‘rhyming mode', and finding a third word for a different scheme can be difficult.
    Player 1: house, mouse, trap
    Player 2: trap, map, tap (oops!)


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