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  • Documents of Newly Published Xbox Live Game Made Public

    - Jill Duffy

  • Excerpt from Shred Nebula Pitch Document
    1. High Concept
    1.1 The Hollywood One Sentence Pitch:
    "Asteroids meets the Running Man set in high def, free-roaming fight for survival through uncharted space."

    1.2 The Core Concept: R.I.P. ROCKET is a top-down free-roaming space shooter with unparalleled action and dept, featuring ship based space combat, intergalactic exploration and multiplayer dog-fighting.

    is the main character of the game and is a prototype ship that is the first single man craft capable of intergalactic travel. The ship is loaded with new features that give it unique flight abilities and a constantly upgrading supply of weapons. The game will tell the story (arcade style) of what happens when the player takes R.I.P. ROCKET on its maiden voyage thought a wormhole to completely uncharted space. The resulting story is one of pure survival, a battle against all odds as one resourceful pilot utilizes tha amazing tools of R.I.P. ROCKET to make it back home and create the legend of the Relentless Intergalactic Personal Rocket...

    Based on this simple premise, the game will take players on a tour-de-force of space combat, traveling to unknown galaxies rendered in exquisite detail, fighting through a vast array of enemies that feature multi-tiered attacks and defenses while searching for critical "jump-coordinates" needed to make each Hyper-Jump closer to home.

    The game at its purest core is a shooter, but the game's structure and key ingredients are set up to give the player choices, constantly shifting to challenge the player to more than just shoot -- in fact, the highest leader board scores will be held by players that master all three key concepts in the game: Action, Critical Navigation and Collection.

    The game is powered by CrunchTime Games' new R.A.K. Engine (Roaming Arcade Killer Engine) which has been built from the ground up on DirectX 9.0c with the Xbox 360 and multiplayer combat in mind. Never before has the next-generation console world experience this genre with fully modern and cutting edge controls, over the top animation, gloriously rendered living sci-fi backgrounds and gameplay that has been hand-crafted with weapon-to-weapon counters to create intense dog-fighting in space. Any skill level player will instantly be able to pick up the control and play, the game will ramp the player through challenges designed to turn beginners into strong players ready for online multiplayer ballet for endless replay value and weekly evolutions of strategies for years to come.


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