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  • Documents of Newly Published Xbox Live Game Made Public

    - Jill Duffy

  • Excerpt from "60 Seconds of Gameplay" document
    We join a first time player starting Arcade Adventure mode...

    Note: Words in bold italicized text indicate control input, a game related feature or other key game concepts.

    Level Launch Cut scene (Intro Images 1 and 2): Space is torn apart in a spectacular lightning strike; out of the rift, a small ship appears. Note: This will be a real-time engine cut scene.

    Intro Image 3: The camera tracks the craft's movement as it passes by (side shot) and the rift snaps shut with a thunderous clap. Slowly the camera pans sideways to reveal the 1 man ship code named R.I.P. ROCKET. The energy residue from the Hyper-Jump slowly rolls off the hull and dissipates casting a faint wake behind the craft.

    Intro Image 4: The camera pans to the left and pulls back slightly as the ship's Main Thruster spins up with a distinctly muscle car inspired throaty whine as the Thruster fires up (the controller rumbles simultaneously).


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