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  • Results from the Game Design Challenge: Guitar's the Word

    - Manveer Heir and staff

  •  Ben Gettleman, Lumberjack!
    Step 1: Insert the Wii controller into the Guitar Hero controller.

    Step 2: Invert Guitar Hero controller and place fingers on buttons.

    Step 3: Prepare to become a Lumberjack!

    In the new Lumberjack! game, the player will don plaid and overalls and become one of the manliest men in the workforce. Sleeping all night and working all day, being a lumberjack is hard work!

    will primarily be a fitness game, but will also have a competitive multiplayer aspect. The player is faced with trees that come toward him or her, each spray painted with a marking in a certain color. The player must press the buttons on the bottom of the controller corresponding to the color combination on the trees, while swinging the controller similar to an axe. If the player swings too much, s/he will get tired not only in real life but in the game and will run out of stamina. Stamina recharges in between swings, but harder difficulty levels will result in more trees! There will be additional weights consumers can purchase to attach to the opposite end of the guitar controller.

    The multi-player aspect will have two players hold opposite sides of the controller similar to the two-man saws seen traditionally in popular lumberjack films. The Wii controller will react to the height of the controller and the back-and-forth motion as the players are faced with trees with lines spray-painted on to denote the height it should be sawn at.


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