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  • Postcards from the Global Game Jam

    - Zach Lehman, Albert T. Ferrer and Jill Duffy

  • The Middle
    Global Game Jam Pittsburgh: Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University

    Carnegie Mellon's ETC center in Pittsburgh was one of 53 worldwide locations participating in this past weekend's Global Game Jam. More than 50 people divided into 10 teams set on making a playable and fun game in 48 hours.
    The teams used a wide array of platforms, including but not limited to Unity3D, Flash, PyGame and a custom engine.

    In my previous experience with game jams, most teams fail to produce a solid working game in the time given. At CMU, this was not the case. All 10 teams had completely working and mostly bug-free games at the end, which shattered the statistics that 90 percent of teams don't finish.

    Zach Lehman, contract game designer and member of IGDA's Education SIG,
    and student at Ohio State University


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