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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DSiWare

    - staff

  • Matthew Rollins, Systems Analyst, Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

    My idea is called Ultimate Scavenger Hunt. This game presents the player with a list of items that the player needs to take a picture of using the DSi's camera. Once all of the items on the list are "shot" the level is complete.

    Each level will be progressively "harder" with the lower levels consisting of simple shapes such as a square or circle and higher levels consisting of more specific items such as a specific type of chair or vehicle. As each picture is taken a fun fact about the item will be displayed on the top screen while the next clue will be displayed on the bottom. The initial game will ship with 30 levels of 10 items each.

    Where this game really expands is with downloadable "Hunts". Each hunt will consist of 10 levels centered on a theme. For example, a "Manhattan" Hunt might begin with a simple item such as a Taxi but end with a unique item hidden somewhere in the city. The possibilities are endless with themed hunts as they could be applied to every major city, landmark, and tourist attraction. At $2 per download they would become mandatory for every trip you take! Themed hunts could also apply to groups of famous people.

    A variation of the themed hunts would be sponsored hunts. These would be sponsored by specific companies and brands and double as in game advertising. For example, what kid likes to go grocery shopping with mom?

    Load up Publix's sponsored hunt and a trip to the grocery store has just become a game. The kid is now having fun while mom shops. Sponsored hunts also serve as a separate revenue stream for the developer. In exchange for being featured in a hunt the company or brand agrees to pay an advertising fee for every 100 or 1000 downloads of their sponsored hunt.

    An online community will contain leader boards displaying gamers with the most completed hunts, the fastest times, etc. This will foster competition and the hunts themselves will be the achievements. Taking the community to the next level will be Community Hunts.

    These timed special event hunts, completed in teams or individually, begin at a predetermined time and become a competition spanning the country or even the world. During these events the bottom screen shows the item and the top screen shows real time data reflecting the standings. This provides a sense of urgency and intensity to the game and takes scavenger hunting to a whole new level.

    The appeal of this game will stretch across all demographics and range from the casual gamer to the hardcore gamer. Casual gamers will get a kick out of finding all of the items in a particular theme or city while hardcore gamers will be vying for the top of the leader boards. There will be hunts designed for children, teens, men, women…even retirees! Everyone likes a good scavenger hunt and Ultimate Scavenger Hunt will offer something for everyone!


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