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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DSiWare

    - staff

  • RiCah Anne Vanessa R. Baltazar, Game Designer, Director's Cut

    Game Overview

    Take charge of a movie and create an instant hit in Director's Cut, a casual puzzle pak game designed especially for the Nintendo DSi! As an up and coming director, you have been given a chance to create a spectacular film from a genre of your choice. Play through various mini-games to develop scenes for the movie. Use your imagination and receive points that measure your movie's quality. Complete projects and win rewards to open your doors to grander projects!

    Gameplay and Functionality

    A Written Masterpiece Awaits You

    Your objective is to take charge in filming scenes based on a script you chose. Complete scenes by playing the mini-game assigned to it. These mini-games require you to use the DSi features creatively to earn points. The bigger the points you receive, the higher the chances of your film becoming a block buster hit!

    Selecting your Stars

    Profile slots allow you to take snap shots of real people, create their profiles and assign their roles! Your snapshot icons will be displayed on the dialogue HUD, while the scene displays the characters in their full movie costumes.

    Drawing the Scenery

    Take a snap shot of your surroundings and add necessary props written on the script. Select from a range of furniture, decorations, etc. Draw or color over the set to improve its mood! Meet the requirements to get the film rolling!

    Reading between the lines

    Fill in a few blanks on the dialogue by choosing different responses that will deliver a unique outcome. Watch as the plot twist and turn with every choice!

    That's a Wrap!

    Wrap up the set and watch your work through compelling cutscenes. Reap the fruits of your labor as your final score is tallied! The higher the score, the greater the rewards!


    Horror? Comedy? Take your pick!

    Choose what type of movie you want to make! Want to capture the hearts of the female audience? A love story is sure to win them over! Want to give the viewer a little fright? Choose a Horror script to spook them out of their socks!

    Dubs and Sounds

    Add short responses using NDSi's Record feature (i.e. Gasps, huh or hmm) or insert premade sound effects. Add an echo as you enter a cave, or the chirping of birds as the lovers take a stroll in the park!

    Gossips and Off-Screen Drama: Building Relationships

    Encounter different types of actors with different personalities. Some may not want to share the spot light with others, while some might have an unresolved dispute with another cast member. Choose your cast carefully to avoid walk out disasters that can cripple your success!

    Download Scripts from the Website or Create Your Own!

    Don't see any script you like? Go to the Nintendo Shop and download new, exciting scripts! Want everything done your way? Download free software the developers have created to make your own script. Use it and/or share with others!


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