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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DSiWare

    - staff

  • Melissa Manlutac, Indie Game Artist, Lagumixer!

    Living in the cloudy realm above the living, the player is the keeper of the world's water supply, or wants to be. Despite being a powerful entity, the only means to bring the water throughout the world is to create rivers and lakes. Working together with the player is the light deity, keeper of the sun, as well as many other gifted friends.

    By creating rivers, lakes and manipulating the terrain, the player's job is to provide life giving water throughout the world to all creatures.


    Controlling the water flow - Rivers and lakes will be drawn via the stylus. Should the player run into a mountain range, the water flow can be frozen atop a mountain for snow, and, with the help of some stored light, the melted snow allows the water flow to continue through the range. Other obstacles, not always terrain based, will appear throughout the game as a mix of puzzles, strategies and role-playing ensue. Rivers can go up mountains. Really they can.

    Allies' (CPU) availability - The CPU have an agenda of their own, so you'll have to take notice when they are available to give their powers. I can haz sunlight plx?

    Opposition - Greedy creatures are directing the water away from the others. The player has to compete with their efforts to provide for the less fortunate. At first they'll transfer water with simple methods like using buckets. Over time, they'll start damming up rivers and using pipelines. Use your ally's powers to create natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tornados, to prevent this.

    In addition, rival deities will harass the player's allies reducing their time for assistance. Aw, Sam is working overtime again?

    Goal - Maintain the balance between all creatures. Maybe even stop an alien or two. Give that cuddly, lovable bunny a drink or help a flower bloom. I like bunnies.

    Dual Camera

    Both cameras will be treated as light switches instead of actual cameras. The game will read them both as either having light or not having light.

    Inside camera lens will be the shut off switch for the water flow coming from the heavens. Covering the lens is essentially the player using his/her hand to cover up the mouth of the water jug.

    Outside camera will be how you will store your friends' energy. They're all very busy and can only help you by storing their powers within an energy container. With the light deity, light coming into the lens will fill his container. 

    Dual Screen

    Top screen - It shows what is occurring in deity world. This includes the water flow opening, and your friends' and oppositions' activities.

    Bottom screen - Main interface and world of the living. This is where the player will be orchestrating the flow of water


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