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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Literary Inspirations

    - staff

  •  Justin Brown, Independent Writer

    I've always imagined what it would take to get a happy ending in a Thomas Hardy novel. I think quick timing, accuracy, and infinite ammo could have saved the "Man of Character", Michael Henchard. If only someone was there to shoot the bowls of rum-laced furmity. If only those letters about Henchard's and Lucetta's relationship had been blown away... Considering these things, "The Mayor of Casterbridge" by Thomas Hardy would make a perfect casual shooter.

    The Challenge: Prevent Henchard from selling his wife and child by blasting away alcohol. If he remains sober he can apply his skills to become the greatest and most honest Mayor of Casterbridge. If he gets too many bottles of alcohol in his system he will sell his wife and child; thus beginning his tragic life as the secretive and angry Mayor of Casterbridge.

    What has Changed: There is one defining element that separates Hardy's "The Mayor of Casterbridge" and "The Mayor of Casterbridge" for Wii-infinite ammo. The ultimate purpose of that ammo is to recreate the entire story into something Jane Austen might have written. If the player does an inadequate job of eliminating the onslaught of liquors, Henchard is doomed to the exact fate Hardy designed for him.

    Details: 1-4 players control the crosshairs on the GUI with a Wii Remote. Collect points for shooting bottles of alcohol. The more potent the alcohol is (thus served in a smaller glass) the more points are awarded. No points are awarded for shooting empty containers, but doing say may shock whoever is holding the container. If Henchard reaches any alcohol before it is shot, his soberness meter will decrease. An empty soberness meter means Henchard is drunk and will immediately sell his wife and child to the first sailor named Newson he sees.


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