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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Literary Inspirations

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  • Srinu Kandela and Fola Akinola, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

    Original Story by Patrick Suskund

    Game Design Doc by Srinu Kandela and Fola Akinola

    Images by Fola Akinola - CG Artist


    Set in 18th century France, Perfume relates the story Jean-Baptiste Grenouille a misanthropic master perfumer gifted with an amazing sense of smell. Perfume explores the emotional meaning that scents may carry but above all else it is a story of identity.

    Ironically, while Grenouille has a superb nose capable of dissecting any fragrance he doesn't have a scent of his own. So fearing his own oblivion he sets out to make an identity of his own by murdering 25 beautiful girls and extracting their scent to create the perfect perfume.

    Game Mechanics:

    Armed with the protagonist's fantastic sense of smell, the only way players are able to navigate through the mazes is by periodically inhaling and analyzing their surroundings.

    The player starts off in the dark environment called the (VOID) phase. By inhaling, the player opens his “vision” to everything that emits as “scent” within a fixed radius. These scents are represented by light, which illuminates the stage and allows the player to see obstacles, enemies and targets.

    Initially when the player initiates an INHALE, all of the scents present in the stage come rushing to the player, bringing about the (CHAOS) phase. This phase is remedied by the (FILTER) phase, whereby the player can filter out specific scents (i.e. filter guards and traps only).

    After 30 seconds, the light provided from the INHALE begins to (FADE) back to the (VOID) phase. Thus, the player will need to periodically execute an INHALE in order to continue to navigate the maze, find his target and evade traps.

    The sneaking portion of the game can be broken down into two phases hunting and evasion.


    The goal of the hunting phase is simple, isolate and track down the girl in each stage from her scent and without getting caught by any guards or traps. Once the player captures the girl we move onto the evasion phase.


    During the evasion phase all the guards are on high alert and begin to aggressively patrol the level. During this phase the goal for the player is to take the girl to a safe location from the guards to collect her scent which takes time. After successfully collecting the scent, the player must navigate to the exit.

    After completing each level the player is rewarded with a new perfume to help them on their next mission. Each perfume has a unique property that affects the world in different ways. For example one perfume might make the guards think the palyer is one of them for a few seconds. The player is allowed to use these perfumes only once per stage. They are refilled after the player completes or fails the stage.

    Upon successful completion Grenouille uses his preserved scents to create a scent of his own - an identity that people acknowledge. However, is it really him that they see?


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