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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Sidekick

    - staff

  •  Karel Morický, Game Designer at Bohemia Interactive, Splinter Cell

    You know Sam Fisher. Veteran black op pro who's been through lot. While working for government, he did things he's not proud of. After he lost his daughter, his life broke apart, leaving him without family, work and even home. Yes, this is hobo Sam Fisher from original Conviction concept, not the current professional lone wolf one. So you are hiding in crowd, not in shadows. Oh, and no gadgets this time.

    Sam Fisher's only last hope are clues leading to fact that his daughter is still alive. While searching for them in dirty city underground, sidekick is introduced. Totally different persona, but not physical one. After few nasty flashbacks from the past, his second identity appears. It's broken, unpredictable and cowardly, not able to defend itself or even fire a gun. Some of gamepad controls are switched every time Sam (original tough guy persona is now referred to as Fisher) takes control, forcing player to improvise and find new buttons layout again. Player have to constantly direct Sam to right direction, because he's not standing still. He's also pretty loud, screaming and crying often, which can be prevented by tapping one of pre-defined buttons in right order.

    Core stealth gameplay remains unchanged, you just now control also broken psycho who still encounters bad memories. Sam's part is chaotic and full of mini-games which calms him down.

    Sam and Fisher talks to each other, Fisher often tries to take back control or at least direct Sam, while Sam still distracts Fisher. Sam's appearance is first scripted, but it later depends on player's choice - most likely on how many people you let die or suffer.

    Throughout the storyline, one level would take place in mental institution, where Fisher seeks for someone who knows more about his daughter. To get inside, Fisher would need to let Sam to posses him again - by committing atrocities. After completing the task, you would have to return back to Fisher in order to get outside of guarded area of institution.

    Whole story ends by finding daughter in pretty bad shape. Final boss wouldn't be the evil guy who held her hostage (his motives are not important now), but Sam Fisher himself. Sam thinks his daughter is dead and tries to kill himself. Fisher knows she's still alive and wants to get to her, to prove there's still hope. Whoever role player choose, other persona fights back. Fisher need to stop Sam's suicidal efforts by fighting his way to daughter few yards away, while Sam's task is to just kill himself - by finding and using gun, falling off from height, getting on road in order to get ran over by car, etc.

    Lot of games and movies say they're 'dark' today. Most of them are dark only graphically, while this concept would let player to experience schizophrenia and psychotic conditions directly. Don't forget - it was not Batman who attracted most audience in Dark Knight - it was Joker ;)


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