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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: The New Sound

    - staff

  • Leonardo Ferreira, PUC - Rio, Brazil, Beat Bots 

    The kingdom has been invaded by monsters! Their only weakness: music! The only way to stop them: build an unstoppable using the power of song! But who can do that?

    Enter...the Beat Bots!

    Beat Bots is a music based strategy game with an overhead view that has some similarities with tower-defense games. The main goal of each level is to get a certain number of bots to the exit within a certain time limit. Players don't control the Bots directly; they walk in a set path, which is filled with obstacles, like barriers, different kinds of terrains, and many, many monsters.

    Players can guide the Bots by placing Tune Boxes in the map; these boxes emit sounds that affect the Bots in many different ways, if they are in their range: Main Boxes (that have the sound of strings, wind or keyboard instruments) can change the mood of the Bots, what causes them to change their methods of offense, as well as boosting their attacks; different enemies need different types of attack to be defeated.

    Support Boxes (that have the sound of percussion and electronic instruments, as well as some minor wind and string ones, like bass and harmonica) can change the Bots structure, making them grow wings, wheels, and others extra parts. These parts help them to get across damaged or hard terrain, and give various bonuses to their stats. Finally, the speed that each Bot has when marching is determined by the rhythm of the Tune Box that they are currently listening.

    Placing certain types of Tune Boxes next to each other can create an area of Synergy; Bots that listen to these synergy sounds ill gain extra bonuses. But placing incompatible Boxes next to each other can also create negative effects, since one Box can cancel the sound of a lesser one.

    Players build Tune Boxes with Screws, that are gained when a Bot successfully exits the stage, or and enemy is defeated .Once built, a Tune Box can be moved in the stage at a certain cost of Screws (also, the game has no "Game Over" screen;, instead, if the player fails to get all of the needed Bots to the exit, he gets a "Screw Up" screen).

    The background music in the game is given by the combination of the individual sound of each Tune Box; so, since each box is tied to a respective sound, players need to recognize what sounds go better with others; certain stages will need some special combination to get through. Players will have to craft a harmonious melody in order to get the Beat Bots to the exit!


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