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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Rickroll

    - staff
  •  Remember Rickrolling? The basic idea, if you don't, was to send someone to a camouflaged link to the video for Rick Astley's '80s hit Never Gonna Give You Up. It became a phenomenon because it was based around tricking someone -- a harmless and humorous joke.

    Can a game be devised around the concept of tricking someone? And who will you trick? Will you trick the player, or will the player trick the other characters in the game? The field is wide open to come up with a totally original concept based around fooling or tricking someone.

    Game Career Guide challenged its readers to come up with a game design in which pranks play a large role. Bonus points for adding Rick Astley in. (Note: that's not true. We don't even have a point system.)

    What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks:

    Best Entries

    Ignacio Pintos, UOC Post-Degree Student, Battlefield Middle East (see page 2)
    Pintos subverts the testosterone-fueled first-person shooter genre with Battlefield Middle East, an unassuming wartime action game that takes a sudden, drastic turn at its halfway point.

    Andrew Putra Jaya, student of Binus International University, Mindemo (see page 3)
    Jaya's entry recalls infamous player-abusing classics like The Tower of Druaga and Takeshi no Chousenjou, using misdirection and questionable logic to create a unique challenge.

    Will Armstrong, Rick Role (see page 4)
    Rick Role casts Astley himself as a central character, challenging players to ruin key historical events with a well-timed performance of "Never Gonna Give You Up."

    Honorable Mentions
    Jeremy Kraner, Flashpoint Academy, Prankster (see page 5)
    Aaron Yip, Georgia Institute of Technology, HAMsters Collective (see page 6)
    Praveen Sudalaimuthu Namasivayam, National University of Singapore (see page 7)
    Carlo Delallana, Game Designer, Project Rickroll (see page 8)
    Kiel Safstrom, Flashpoint Academy, Dunce (see page 9)


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