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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Rickroll

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  • Andrew Putra Jaya, student of Binus International University, Mindemo

    'Mindemo' is a mini games which is constructed in iphone application for single player. Mindemo comes from words 'mind' and 'emotion' since the main element of the gameplay are ‘mind' and ‘emotion'.

    The objective of mindemo is really simple, therefore, simple minded is necessary to complete every stage in this game. However, emotion also plays an important role since player will maybe become a little bit crazy because of the various tricks that will be faced in every stage.

    Player will be given a static route of maze, and as an ordinary maze game, there will be a starting point and end point. At the starting point, 'mindemo' who is also the name of the character in this game, is standing and waiting for a movement from player. With the touch screen functionality, mindemo can be moved according to the screen that is touched by the player.

    However, as mentioned before, there will be a various tricks in every stage of this game. Without tricks, this game will be felt 'plain'. So, tricks are the enemy of the player, on the other hand, mind and emotion are the weapons of the player.

    Examples of tricks which will occur in this game are :

    1. Opposite - to move forward, player has to go backward.

    2. Double - double click to move to the current position.

    3. Triple - triple click to move to the current position.

    4. Sliding - hold and move, don't let your finger or stylus away from screen

    5. Limited - the movement will be limited by just a few times of clicking ( e.g 5 times,4 times,3 times, etc )

    6. Wait - wait 1 minute to finish the stage, or it will never finish ( but in the real game, there will be no information to wait )

    7. Calling - player has to call someone to finish the stage

    8. Refresh - exit game, run the game again, and continue, then it will go to the next stage

    The information in every stage will not be looked like the example, but it will appear just in one until three words, such as 'opposite', 'double', 'sliding', etc.

    Therefore, there will be 30 stages in this game and mindemo has unlimited life, so the game will be end if all of the stages are clear (credits) or the player exit the game.


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