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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Rickroll

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  • Will Armstrong, Rick Role

    Rick Role is a satirical collection of "micro-games" where players must interrupt historical events and memorable scenes from pop culture using only their wits and Rick Astley's rich, full-bodied vocal talents. Each game takes between 5 and 15 minutes.

    You know the Rules...

    The objective of each stage is to reach a specific location before time expires in order to ‘rick-roll' the event before it passes. In order to accomplish this objective, players directly lead Rick Astley through the stage, avoiding the various pitfall specific to the setting.

    For example, while rick-rolling the moon landings, players must carefully avoid drawing the attention of security guards on their way to Mission Control. In order to accomplish this, players can take several actions.

    The first method is simply behaving normally; walking when in view of sentries and not being too chatty (though players will occasionally need to chat with other characters to get tips and hints).

    The second method is the use of various costumes and disguises; after all, deception is a cornerstone of the rick-roll meme. This includes dressing up as other characters, guards, monsters, or objects in order to sneak through each stage. Blending in via behavior and appearance are essential.

    Finally, stages often have puzzle or gameplay elements relative to the specific setting. Making your way to the stage in Final Fantasy VI's Opera House, for example, involves navigating the rafters and RPG-style random battles exactly as they appear in the original game. Players can expect several different play-styles to appear, but because of the micro-game nature of the title, these elements are picked up and dropped to avoid becoming tedious or predictable.

    We know the Game and we're gonna play it...

    The various settings players will find themselves include...
    - Distract the crew of the HMS Titanic from avoiding the iceberg!
    - Make Ilsa miss her flight from Casablanca.
    - Ever wonder why Cloud & Company was late rescuing Aeris?
    - Nobody would get a "Who shot J.R.?" reference if I even bothered to make one.

    Together Forever...

    Future expansions add additional events for players to interrupt, from films and television to even more historic events.

    Additionally, players can look forward to several spin-off titles, such as "The Amazing Anachronistic Adventures of Vanilla Ice" and "Where in the World is Right Said Fred?" "Ricky: staring Tony Basil", of course, has the fabled choreographer stalking various figures named Richard, including Richard III, President Nixon, and even Rick Astley himself. However, because the act of rick-rolling Rick Astley may cause the universe to implode, this title is delayed indefinitely pending further research.


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