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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Rickroll

    - staff

  • Praveen Sudalaimuthu Namasivayam, Undergraduate at National University of Singapore


    Rick Astley's girlfriend has been kidnapped by Dr. Toobe! Dr. Toobe, jealous of Astley's overwhelming success on Youtube and angry over his own failure at creating a viral trick video, is out to make Astley suffer the pangs of loneliness! But Rick Astley is never gonna give her up, is he?

    It's time for Rick to roll!


    The main character, Astley, has to create a path across a labyrinth to the next area. The labyrinth is littered with obstacles and enemies, however, so they have to be dealt with. How?

    Fool them into thinking that you're in several other places at once.

    Astley has a limited number of clones of himself. In the first phase of each round, the player has to strategically place these clones at various points on the labyrinth; these clones act as decoy Astleys for the enemies to be distracted by.

    In the second phase of each round, the labyrinth becomes active, and the enemies zero in on the nearest Astley to them. In that time, the player has to manoeuvre the real Astley across the labyrinth and to the exit point, avoiding the obstacles and enemies before they run out of decoy Astleys to destroy.

    The labyrinth resembles a chessboard, with each square housing one obstacle/enemy. The player starts on one corner of the labyrinth, and the exit is generally in the opposite corner of the labyrinth (depending on the layout of the labyrinth, the exit could be quite nearby, but surrounded by obstacles).

    The obstacles could be walls, pits, spikes - basically, squares that Astley either cannot pass through at all or needs to jump across.

    The enemies could be anything from zombies to turrets firing homing missiles - they all function similarly though. After they detect the nearest clone Astley that is not blocked by an un-passable obstacle, they home in on the clone and destroy it. Some enemies, such as zombies, can be lured into spikes/pits by placing an Astley on the opposite side (this only works if the obstacle can be seen across). When an Astley is destroyed, the enemy targets the nearest Astley to its current location (this may change depending on the enemy type).

    Astley can move from square to square (except diagonally), and can jump over obstacles. He does not have attacks (the dude's a singer, come on!), so he must rely purely on the decoys to get past the enemies in the labyrinth. The clone Astleys do not move from their positions.


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