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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Rickroll

    - staff

  • Carlo Delallana, Game Designer, Project Rickroll

    The Rickroll Game will be based on the lyrics of the song "Never Gonna Give You Up". The meta-game will be divided into nodes based on lyrical lines starting with the word "Never" and player's objective is to figure out how to do the exact opposite.

    Each level is presented as quick micro-games ala Warioware Inc. The lyric will be displayed outside of the game space as a clue and the player will be presented with a scene they must interact with before time runs out. If they fail the game will temporarily lock them out while a dancing Rick Astley fills their screen. As the player progresses the scenes become more abstract or complex adding challenge to the way the player must interpret the lyrics and figure out how to do the exact opposite of it. When the player beats the best time for each scene Rick Astley pops out (ala Mortal Kombat's TOASTY easter egg) and sings "You know the rules...and so do I!"

    Example scenarios:

    "Never Gonna Give You Up"

    - The player and the princes are being chased by trolls. To succeed the player must tap the hero's hand to give up the princess so he can escape

    "Never Gonna Let You Down"

    - The prince is climbing up Rapunzel's hair, the player must grab scissors and cut her braided hair and watch the prince fall to his doom

    Upon completion of the meta-game the player can re-watch all their micro-game accomplishments to the tune of "Never Gonna Give You Up" and post this to YouTube or Facebook. Completion also unlocks game assets which allows creative pranksters to come up with their own scenes to share with friends.

    Trickery doesn't end there, for iPhone/iPad and Downloadable versions the prankster can change the game's icon to ANYTHING and rename the app and install it on their friend's devices. Unwitting users who are looking to open MS Outlook or their web browser will be greeted with a Rickroll when they launch the app.


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