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  • Postmortem: Decadence

    - Filip Coulianos
  • Decadence was a project developed by eight students at the University of Skövde in Sweden during the period August 2007 to March 2009. The project was a total conversion, which means all art, animations and sound was developed by the Decadence team. The mod was built upon the Source engine.

    Here's a short introduction to Decadence:

    This postmortem will first go through a project overview, telling the story of Decadence from the project as a whole, where we have dedicated one chapter for each discipline where we discuss how we solved different issues, what problems we had, and finally discuss what we learned from each discipline's perspective.

    A shot of the coolest of the coolest team members of Decadence. From left to right; Pontus Karlsson, Filip Coulianos, Claes Engdal and Björn Claesson.

    The postmortem ends with a "final words" chapter, which we dedicated to those who stayed with us and sent us the lovely e-mails and such.

    Project Overview: Background

    Decadence was developed during a two year period, in which the team went through different development stages along the way. In this chapter we will give you an overall view of how the mod was developed, from the very first idea to release.


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