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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Time For Change

    - staff

  • Lu Qian Zheng, Assassin's Creed

    When changing Desmond and Altaïr of Assassin's Creed to be females, we want to add another lens for the player to perceive the original, rich and developed world and offer an engaging complement that enhances the overall Assassin's Creed experience. Our heroine's height and weight are adjusted to represent the body of a toned athletic woman. Little changes are made to her costume to make them lighter and more versatile. Her unique taste of weaponry is revealed through the use of lighter swords, daggers, whips, projectiles, arrows, and poisons. Rather than being part of a brotherhood, she may be part of a guild of both women and men assassins. Unveiling the secrets and scandals within "history" with her keen eyes, the heroine shall provide the player another perspective that may be unconventional, but not to be dismissed.

    Having a female Altaïr creates gameplay enhancements and possible new features. If we keep the origin of Altaïr's training, then it is believable for the heroine to carry similar movements, swiftness, and capabilities as Altaïr. Yet our heroine cannot rely on physical strength alone; thus, features of the game reveal her clairvoyance. Allowing players to use Eagle Vision while not on a View Point lets players decipher NPC's intentions by examining their facial expressions, tone of voice, and interactions with either Altaïr or other NPCs. Since civilians emit no glow, placing hidden enemies within the crowd to trail our heroine will provide gamers a new level of excitement and challenge.

    Furthermore, our heroine can be a master of disguise using her assassin suit. When placed in an area of high alert, the male Altaïr had to hide or blend into the crowd. Another way of reducing alertness level can be for our heroine to change her facial features with various masks that she collects, changing her face to be bearded, old, or heavily scarred. She can also twist her robe to create various looks similar to today's "twist wrap dresses." The player must transform the heroine while she is hidden and out of enemy sight. This feature will also be effective while infiltrating guarded areas.

    To protect her safety and identity, the heroine will use a less direct approach in certain situations. Appearing to be less daunting, the heroine will not rely as much on brute force as her male counterpart, but use traps and tools more often to aid herself in various situations. In addition, being an expert at using the surroundings to her advantage, she may assemble a pair of flying daggers from the debris she finds in a scene, or upset an uneven fight with a clever trap. Setting up the trap, hiding the trap, and then luring the enemies into the trap can offer a sequence of intense but satisfying challenges.


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