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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Warriors

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  • Kristopher Velez, Care Bear Warriors: Peace and Love!


    The Evil Wizard No Heart is at it again, harnessing the Black Heart of Hatred to infect the world with his Sinister Shadows causing World War I. It is up you to lead the Care Bears to the battlefield and persuade the warriors to start caring by employing the power of love!


    The player can choose one of the nine original Care Bears to command against the Sinister Shadows inhabiting the bodies of Ally and Central Powers soldiers to stop World War I.

    Each Care Bear has unique skills. Grumpy Bear is an Area of Effect bear, his skills are as follows:

    Care Bear Stare: The traditional weapon of the Care Bear, a single target attack with minor splash damage.

    Rainbow Twist Attack: Grumpy Bear jumps into the air spinning quickly, creating a large rainbow-looking tornado dealing damage in a medium area.

    Heart Rain: When Grumpy Bear's care meter is full this ultimate attack can be used. Grumpy Bear fires his rainbow beam into the sky unleashing a cloud that rains love around him.

    When the player's Care Bear enters the battlefield you will be radioed by Lion Heart on the locations of the four Sinister Generals commanding the armies of each side. After being defeated Sinister Shadows will flee but will return to inhabit other soldiers unless the Sinister Generals are finished. Annihilated Generals will disable the inhabiting of shadows in their areas. When all are defeated the player's Care Bear will advance to the next battle.

    Along the way, the player will learn that the Evil Wizard No Heart has banded together with the rest of the Care Bear villains in an attempt to make the entire world stop caring. The player will face Professor ColdHeart, Auntie Freeze, Dr. Fright, and Sour Sam with the final battle being against No Heart himself!


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