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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: LCD Gamesystem

    - staff

  • Nacho Pintos, Student at UOC's Post-Degree program in Game Development, Flee

    Flee is a driving (not racing) game, about going far, very far away. You aim is to drive for as many kilometers as possible, while avoiding cars, trees and animals crossing the road. Over the horizon, the sun slowly moves from left to right, the moon right to left, planes pass by...and if you're lucky and skilled, you might see a shooting star (have your wish ready!), or even a UFO (the shapes in magenta) abducting a cow!

    With the left and right buttons, you control the position of your car (the big red block). The road has 4 tracks, and there's also shoulders where trees appear. The trees, obviously, approach you car much faster than the traffic.

    Initially, the pace is very slow, there's not much traffic, and all opponent cars go at the same speed. Gradually, speed gets faster, more traffic populates the road in increasingly difficult patterns, and some cars go at a different speed than the others. If you go outside the road (the rightmost and leftmost positions of your car), the speed decreases, and will not increase until you go back to the asphalt again. Anyway, you cannot stay there for too long, because probably there'll be a tree furiously approaching. You can crash five times (small red dots). After crashing you go back to the initial slow speed.

    The score shows how far you've gone since you started, and increases proportionally to the speed. The word ‘AWAY' blinks slowly and constantly while playing.

    The soundsystem: At sunrise, a bleepy melody resembling birds will play. At moonrise, a soothing one. When a shooting star appears, a ‘plink!' rings. The star is actually composed of three frames (see figure). There's also a theremin-like sound when the UFO emerges, lifts the cow and zooms away. The plane (orange shape) just passes silently from left to right. The star and UFO are used both as rewards and distractions, because they only start appearing (randomly) after, for example, more than 10 minutes playing without a crash.

    At night, speed will be automatically reduced a bit, there'll be less traffic, but much more animals (the bright green shapes) crossing the road horizontally.

    So far I've explained GAME A. GAME B is the same, but you are driving drunk. This means that your car changes randomly to an adyacent track, and you have to correct your way very quickly. Just before this uncontrolled change happens, a warning beep will ring, but you'll never know if your car will go left or right.

    In both modes, when reaching 999999 kilometers, the game stops, your car vanishes, and a final, mysterious message will be shown, letter by letter, using cars, trees and animals as dots to compose the letters.

    (Note: I've used plain colors and shapes to simplify. Actually all shapes would use just one color, LCD-style, and look like proper cars, animals, etc.)


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