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  • Kris Kamfield, Sr. Ringtone Recorder, Boom Badoom

    LCD games need to be simple to learn, hard to master, offer high replay value, and be super fun. Boom Badoom delivers on all these fronts with a fist full of awesome.

    Game Play

    The game play of Boom Badoom is simple and easy to grasp. An icon will appear in the 4x4 grid at a certain location and your goal is to press the buttons which correspond to the row and column of that location. For instance if an icon appeared in the top left corner, you would press blue buttons 1 (row) and 5 (column). If it appeared in the bottom right corner, you would press blue buttons 4 (row) and 8 (column). EASY! ... and yet hard to master.

    What makes Boom Badoom so outrageously tremendous is its zany and frantic modes of play using this simple game play mechanic.


    High Score by Time:

    You have 60 seconds to get as many points as you possibly can. 2 icons appear on the grid at a time; perhaps one being worth more points than the other. You can collect only one of the icons, and once you do, the grid is cleared and two more icons appear. Get as many points as you can to get the high score!

    High Score Sudden Death:

    A random icon will appear on the grid for a certain amount of time. You must collect that icon before it disappears. As you collect more icons they will start to disappear faster and faster. The goal is to continue to collect icons without missing one for as long as possible to get the high score!

    Music Master:

    In music mode you select a song using the dial on the side of the device and the notes of that song will appear as icons in the game. You must do your best to collect as many icons as you can while the music is playing to get the high score!

    But that's not all! If you don't like the included music, a USB port on the side of the device allows you to transfer your own midi songs or ring tones to the game to play! Imagine all the high scores you could get!!


    The video game market as a whole is trending to have some form of multiplayer in just about every product. Yet, oddly, how many multiplayer LCD games can you name? 1? 2? Any at all? Well, I sure can't but don't let that sensation of panic get to you because Boom Badoom is here to fill that market gap with its multiplayer mode!

    All of the previously mentioned modes can be played with 2 players both cooperatively and competitively. You and your friend will have hours of fun trying outdo one another, or working together to beat the inevitable DragonForce song you'll load into the game.

    It's just as you imagine, Boom Badoom is the simplest, most addictive LCD game you will ever play.


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