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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Sam Sandoval, Game Design Student at Tribeca Flashpoint

    Home Invasion

    Players find themselves waking up in the middle of the night to hear their house broken into. They will have to make constant decisions about where to go and what to do in order to find the identity of the intruder and stay alive.


    A small entity of light is set on a mysterious journey to light special flowers that reveal color in the world. Each set of puzzles reveals a stained glass image that tells the story of where he came from and where he is going.

    Prehistoric Rescue

    By creating winds, forming terrain and herding the dinosaurs around you can ensure that the meteors kill as few dinosaurs as possible.

    Death by Laughter

    You've died and entered the fiery pits of hell. While your fate is irreversible, you've decided to take your revenge on Death by delivering him a painful, tickle-induced death.

    Monster Maze

    Players control a small child stuck in a labyrinth full of dangerous creatures. The child has to sneak around, hiding in bushes and holes in the wall as the enemy patrol around in order to find the exit.

    Lou's Amazing Love Attack

    Lucifer has been terrorizing the dreams of children since the beginning of man. But he's grown tired of this, and has chosen to turn a new leaf. His new goal is to travel from planet to planet bringing joy and happiness to everything he touches.

    Animals Who?

    Animals Who? is a trivia game intended for use in educational settings for young children. A wise owl conducts the trivia game and players are asked to point out which animals are which.

    Assassin's Greed

    Assume control of a stealthy assassin and sneak around town stealing everyone's riches! The more you collect, the more aware the townspeople are of your presence, and if you kill someone, you had better hope you have enough gold to pay off all of the witnesses!

    Domination Station

    Big guns. Manly men. A never ending blood bath. Defend the Domination Station against all sorts of enemies including other humans, monsters and cyborgs with a slew of powerful and explosive weapons!

    Little Folk

    Control an Oracle and lead the group of lemming-like creatures to safety using your imagination as they escape the terrible monster that hunts them!

    Alien Bounce

    In a distant alien planet, human colonists are invaded by aliens, and using special reflective shields, you must defeat the aliens by reflecting their own lasers back at them.


    You wake up to find yourself in the far distant future, where life is nowhere to be seen. Explore the pixilated world and solve the mystery of why you are there and what happened to the Earth.

    Robot Warrior

    In a fantasy world where robots wield swords and shields instead of guns, Robot Warrior must defend his colony against the evil humans who wish to domesticate their race.


    Controlling a giant, innocent rock giant who is being attacked by nearby human tribes, you must run away and lay down rocks behind you to block the humans without killing them.

    Bubble Dragon Adventures

    A bubble dragon is a rare species indeed, and being one the last of its kind, it has to fight for survival. Using a variety of special bubble attacks to fight your enemies and find a suitable bubble dragon mate which whom to repopulate the species.


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